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Gaming HQ / Re: Civilization VII
Last post by Tamas - Today at 08:45:25 AM
IDK... most strategy games you need to be intimately familiar with the systems at the start of a new game to be able to min-max to the maximum potential.

It is far from impossible to win a game without placing every district to the most optimal hex imaginable on the game map.

So while DG you are free to dislike Civ6 for not having systems that you find fun, the district system is no broken or failed or anything of the sort.
Gaming HQ / Re: Civilization VII
Last post by DGuller - Today at 08:40:10 AM
 :wacko: I think you're reading into the post something that isn't there.  I was just offering my own explanation for why the district system killed the enjoyment of the game for me.  If you enjoy Civ VI, by all means continue enjoying it, who am I to judge your shockingly poor taste in strategy games?

This discussion did remind me of a related point of why the district system was not enjoyable to me, which I didn't originally remember because I literally haven't played a game in over three years.  The district system forced you to plan everything out the moment you founded your city, so much so that I recall there were even mods that let you drop pins to mark locations where you would eventually place the districts. 

I found that it made the game very rigid, because instead of dynamically developing as you go, possibly in response to changing needs and priorities, you have to in great detail plan out exactly what each city will do even a few eras from now.  It was just too static for my tastes, you made all the decisions once at the founding of the city and then the rest of the game you just mechanically followed through on them like a bureaucrat.
Off the Record / Re: [Canada] Canadian Politics...
Last post by Josephus - Today at 08:12:45 AM
Appreciate all the links CC.

And yeah, GF, I normally vote ABC, whoever is polling best in my riding, but I'm definately going with NDP next election
Off the Record / Re: [Canada] Canadian Politics...
Last post by Grey Fox - Today at 08:00:23 AM
Yes, vote NDP.
Off the Record / Re: Refractory Gauls, or the F...
Last post by Sheilbh - Today at 07:33:46 AM
Very difficult to sum up but chaos (quite funny chaos, at times) on the French right since Ciotti's outreach to RN. Trying to find a good article on it.
Off the Record / Re: Hungarian Politics
Last post by Tamas - Today at 07:33:44 AM
The incumbent mayor is now likely to request a repeat of the vote, he'll be holding a press conference in a couple of hours.

According to him, the election authority, for his review of Transport Nerd's complaints, did not request the ballot boxes to be submitted to them, just instructed the local councils in charge of them to open them, remove the (separately batched inside) invalidated ballots and send those over. The incumbent's complaint is that they did not make it mandatory that the reopening of the boxes could only happen with opposition delegates present. He alleges that he has heard of several instances that the (Fidesz) local civil servants opened the boxes by the time the opposition delegates could get there.

All of the above, even if true, can be explained away with incompetence, of course. But this is Hungary, and it would be right on schedule to make the next step toward a Putinist system by such "light prodding" of the election results to come out to the light due to circumstances. Timing would make sense as well. The economy is in a worrying state, the state budget is an absolute mess, and most importantly for Orban, rumblings within the party ranks clearly have been increasing since the EU payouts stopped.

I think it'd make a lot of sense that he decides they should seize this opportunity and make sure they get a Budapest mayor who won't be stopping them from sucking the city dry.
Off the Record / Re: [Canada] Canadian Politics...
Last post by crazy canuck - Today at 07:31:36 AM
I am out of gifted links, if you can read it I recommend it

"Years of corporate handouts achieved nothing. It's time for something different"

Off the Record / Re: Israel-Hamas War 2023
Last post by Razgovory - Today at 07:09:25 AM
Oh, so why don't you set the record straight.
Off the Record / Re: Israel-Hamas War 2023
Last post by Josquius - Today at 06:37:28 AM
Quote from: Razgovory on Today at 06:27:08 AM
Quote from: Josquius on Today at 01:19:58 AM
Quote from: Razgovory on June 12, 2024, 08:32:37 PMSo what's the answer Josq?  What is the answer to fighting an enemy that fights among civilians so that those civilians will suffer casualties.  What is the answer to fighting civilians themselves will fight you and commit war crimes?

I've mentioned many times over the thread what I'd like to see done different.
On the other hand, whats your answer?
Israel fanatics are remarkably schtum when it comes to possible solutions.
What you've said is that you would like "Israel to stop being dicks".  Which is not much of a policy.  You have expressed the idea of the Israelis withdrawing and leaving Hamas alone.  Not a great idea either.

My answer is that the Israelis are doing fine.  Just hurry up and take Rafah.  Smash Hamas.

I've said a lot more than that (that isn't even accurate to what I've said). Interesting thats your take away. I guess thats your level of thinking on the topic as shown by your solution.