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[Canada] Canadian Politics Redux

Started by Josephus, March 22, 2011, 09:27:34 PM

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PRC did not say "completely eliminate medicare" he said "long term goal of a private healthcare system."

That could, for example, include really shitty public medicare for those who can't afford private healthcare.


Quote from: Barrister on November 22, 2022, 12:49:29 PMBut prior to becoming Premiere Danielle Smith had suggested that the $300 would be used for non-hospital medical care - that is things that ARE covered by medicare.  So, namely, doctor's visits.  You go to see a doctor at their office or at a walk-in clinic you pay, I dunno, $50 out of your HSA to cover the visit.  The money then for the HSAs would be coming out of the existing AHS budget (Alberta Health Services).
FYI, my private clinic is very cheap.  It's 110$/year and 100$/visit for 20 minutes.

Looking at other clinics, they don't offer by visit fees, instead, they offer plans that includes a fixed number of visits and some services.  Looking at one popular clinic, it's 800$/year (cheapest plan) for 3 visit to the gp, 3 "nurse acts" and either 1 ecg or one spirometry.  "Platine plan" includes 20 visit to the doc for 5000$ a year.  So, it's around 250$ to see the doc, and they give you access to a nurse for "free" in your plan.

At 300$ per year, factoring 50$ per visit for a gp, she is way, way, way below market rates.  I can't imagine Albertan doctors charging less than half than Quebec ones.  I don't even think GP receive 50$ per visit in the public...
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Gah I hate politics sometimes.

With an election looming in six months, and Alberta getting a huge short-term boost in oil revenues (with a projected surplus of $13 billion this year), what do you think our Premier announced last night?

That's right - cash giveaways!

They are re-indexing certain supports to inflation which will be ongoing, but otherwise it's payments of $600 per child, electricity rebates, another gas tax holiday (even though gas prices are down from their heights) and potential rebates for high natural gas projects.  Total cost to be $2.4 billion.

The payments per kid are income limited, which is fair.  What is annoying though is that the limit is fairly high and comes in just barely under what our family makes. <_<  If the limit was well under I wouldn't give it a second thought.

And of course the NDP can't oppose any of this.
Quote from: crazy canuckBB's treatment is consistent with one who defends positions taken by the conservative wing of the Conservatives.


Agreed that limit is pretty high.
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