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Witcher 3

Started by Martinus, May 13, 2015, 07:04:32 AM

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Quote from: Valmy on June 30, 2015, 01:25:51 PM
I am going to do Witcher 1 and play through like I am doing with Dragon Age. Does that also apply to the other two? :hmm:
don't forget the mod for updated graphics, otherwise, it's sillingly ugly.

Oh, it's fun you do that, it will save me from finishing the game :P
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Quote from: Martinus on July 01, 2015, 01:49:34 PM

You mean the burly, gruff hunter that you meet within the first 60 minutes of game play (and who is part of the main story so you cannot miss him) is stereotypical? Since I found the grave of the other guy, with the inscription about "unnatural sins", earlier, I knew the hunter was gay the very moment he mentioned his "otherness" and having worked at the manor. If you are nice to him, he will tell you the whole tragic story.

I gotta say, this game is really beautiful and fun.

What's your point?  Yes there's a token gay character - it still doesn't invalidate my argument.  You love it - good for you - so did I while it lasted.  But there's hardly any re-playability to it - contrary to Skyrim.

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So far I am definitely siding with Nilfgard.


Btw, to answer your earlier questions, Valmy, language settings for voice acting are separate from subtitles and game interface so you can play it with Polish voices but everything else in English (at least if you get the version I have - I am not sure if all versions are preloaded with Polish or Hungarian for example).


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Gotta say the writing in this game is stellar. I just met Yennefer - and until that point the game played with me, in terms which side I am willing to support, like the best of Game of Thrones. :D


Also, loving the occasional Polish politics or social in-joke. :P


How  well promoted is this in Poland?
Lots of TV spots and the like?
I remember I was visiting Poland back when the first game came out, I had never heard of it before, and there were posters all over the place.


Quote from: Tyr on July 04, 2015, 08:48:34 AM
How  well promoted is this in Poland?
Lots of TV spots and the like?
I remember I was visiting Poland back when the first game came out, I had never heard of it before, and there were posters all over the place.

Yeah. It is currently considered national treasure and the chief Polish export. :P


Wow. Geralt's beard grows back.  :huh:


Quote from: Grallon on July 02, 2015, 08:51:04 PM
But there's hardly any re-playability to it - contrary to Skyrim.

Well color me heartbroken not every game is the Elder Scrolls.
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Yeah, besides, I am not sure replayability is really such an important thing for rpgs. Im lucky if I can finish a game once.


This game is really amazing. The choices and situations you encounter are really well written and true dilemmas - it seems almost every time I make some moral choices in the game, I get mixed feelings about it later.  :D

At the same time, the game does not "lie" to the player - very rarely you are dealing with characters who lie to you or present you with false information (or if you encounter liars, it is heavily implied they are lying). When the game plays tricks on you it's by showing you unforseen consequences of your actions - or presenting you with devil's choices, where picking either side seems like a potentially bad thing.

Characters are also very well written - there are no pure heroes and evil villains (with the possible exception of the "Wild Hunt" but that's a given), everybody is grey to a degree and you can see their point. Even "monsters" you hunt often have motivations for their actions and you end up pitying them even if you have to put them down.

A good example is an early side quest (this is potentially spoilerish for anti-spoiler freaks, so going to put it in spoiler tags, but the quest is really of little relevant to the other story) [spoiler]when you encounter a dwarf blacksmith whose house has been burned down by racist humans, who accuse him of working for Nilfgard, while he is just doing what he is told by the occupying force - and also because Nilfgard, unlike the anarchic Temerian government, cares for law and order, which means racial minorities are protected as well. If you track down the arsonist - who happens to be a local drunk and halfwit who sees himself as a patriot - you can lead him back to the dwarf. Surely this is the right, classic, lawful good choice - a standard rpg trope - you do that, the drunk sees the error of his ways, the dwarf forgives him and you get paid handsomely. Right? Well, the dwarf notifies the authorities who promptly hang the drunk for interferring with arms supply for the army. You did the right thing, right? But perhaps dead penalty in these circumstances was a tad excessive? Well, tough luck. At least the dwarf now gives you a discount, for a small price of having some halfwit killed and the village now hating you for being a traitor.[/spoiler]  :lol:

The only thing this game reminds me of is Game of Thrones.