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Started by mongers, November 07, 2012, 08:35:17 PM

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Admiral Yi

Good day on the links today.  Walked 18, didn't feel tired at all.  Sore feet though.  Played OK, 93, hardly any cheating.  I caught up with two dudes at a tee box and one dude said I could play through or join up, so joined up.  Pleasant guys.  Not a "natural" age pairing for two guys (18ish and 35ish) so I guessed sugar daddy and sugar baby.


Planning a few trips out in Wales next weekend and week, but three days of still threatened national rail strikes has put the kibosh on that. :grr:
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Randomly came across a Ferrari 488(?) yesterday.

Since it's open top, I think it should be a 488 Spider.
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I just saw Ralphe Fiennes in a strange place. Getting on the Elizabeth line in my neighborhood.
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