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Hearts of Iron IV

Started by Josephus, January 24, 2014, 07:06:15 PM

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@ Syt you asked above what happens to old equipment, it's used to fill deficiencies or shortages if your primary equipment runs out of supply.  Or you can always lend lease it to allies to help them.  There's a tab in the logistics tab that shows all of your stockpiles of equipment.

I play KR from time to time, but my favorite mod by far is Ultra Historical Mod - Realism Overhaul.  Makes the industry a lot more interesting and the AI is a lot more competitive than vanilla without cheating - which may not be what some here are looking for  :P
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Wait...  What would you know about masculinity, you fucking faggot?  - Overly Autistic Neil

OTOH, if you think that a Jew actually IS poisoning the wells you should call the cops. IMHO.   - The Brain


Once again, Paradox is fucking with save games.  They keep releasing these bitty mods that ruin save games, and using the beta feature when using mods doesn't work because the mods themselves get updated erratically to match the new game versions and so break saves themselves.

There really should be a "don't fuck with my current setup" setting that disables all updates until manually turned off, because this game is too big to play in one setting but too transitory to play over multiple sessions.
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I was running an observer only game while watching a series yesterday, and noticed some weird things (I know, AI is supposedly not designed for this, but still ... ).

The Axis formed around Britain (went King's Party)/Germany/Hungary, with Japan joining later. US led the Commonwealth, mostly consisting of US, Canada, fascist South Africa, plus minors. Australia turned communist. Italy became democratic. France formed the Little Entente with Czechs and Romanians, but died after some back and forth against UK over the mainland and stayed out of everything after that.

For a long time there was a three-way war between the three blocks. The Comintern eventually managed to occupy Germany and German occupied Italy, and made peace. However, everyone reverted to pre-war borders, and there were no regime changes.  :huh:  :hmm:

Afterwards, some stupid little conflict sparked a new war between Axis and Comintern; this time the Axis won and dismantled the USSR. The Soviets (with four territories spread out across Russia and the Russian Federation - what's the AI's obsession with creating non-contiguous territories after war ... ???) went to war once more and were wiped out.

Afterwards, China collapsed and it and independent India got split between the Axis partners - UK, Germany, Japan, though Venezuela had a puppet in Inner Asia, and Nationalist Spain (which, together with Germany, now owned Australia which was never occupied ... ) had multiple enclaves in China, too. The USA, meanwhile, mostly stayed out of the fighting. They held parts of NW Africa, and had sent troops to China and Scandinavia, plus occupied hostile territories in the Americas. But other than that they stayed out of everything despite having a huge navy and army, being at war with the relevant parties, and having a bunch of nukes that they didn't use (same as Germany).

About 50% Africa decolonized quite nicely, though, which was kinda fun to watch, but for a few years there were two different Soviet Republics of the Nile (the survivor became a UK puppet, eventually).

Overall it was a fun and silly little alt-hist to watch unfold, though the post-war border gore is really hard to stomach, and I don't know why the USSR basically white peaced the Axis when they had them dead to rights (the German capital was on Sumatra for two or three years).
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