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Started by Brazen, February 08, 2012, 03:45:05 PM

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My friend is cross-sticking a QR code sampler for her boyfriend for Valentine's day that will link to a video she's made for him (yeah, I know...). Here's the idea she's using:

Here's her problem, can anyone help, please. You'll get ultimate mega geek points for this! More info on my Facebook page link if you need.

QuoteNEED HELP PLEASE READ - For Valentines day I wanted to make Ed one of these: http://tinyurl.com/6rrcxdn it's a cross stitch with a QR code in it. When scanned on his Android phone it will take him to a YouTube video I uploaded (http://tinyurl.com/73faxmj) with a montage of photos of the two of us and a message. However there is a problem - the video plays fine on PCs but it won't play on mobiles because the music is copyrighted to Dire Straits and they block the use of it on mobiles (but not computers).

Here are my questions:
*I think I need to remix the video with different music that isn't blocked for use on mobiles. Is that correct?
*If the answer to Q1 is Yes, how do I find out which bands allow their music to be viewed via YouTube on mobiles?
*If the answer to Q1 is No, how do I proceed? Is there anyway to make the video viewable on mobiles.

The whole goddamn point of the gift hangs on Ed being able to scan the cross-stitch with his mobile and view the video. Time is running out to stitch the bloody thing, but I'm not doing all that cross-stitch if it isn't even going to work. Please help!


Remix with different music or just plain upload it again and hope youtube don't stumble across it this time.

I've no idea on finding out which bands would allow it. None I'd imagine would be happy with the idea if you ask them, some record labels are however more vigorous in hunting down uses of their music than others.


I never knew that.

That some youtube vids are banned on mobiles?
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