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Path of Exile - upcoming F2P Daiablo clone

Started by Syt, September 08, 2011, 12:53:54 AM

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I'm usually too tired of PoE by the time I make a try to any boss. This season I bagged Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, Shaper, Cortex and Sirus for the first time. Might try Uber-Atziri or even Uber-Elder if I can be bothered to get the fragments.

Focusing on those Kirac Atlas nodes really pays off if you play casually (or as casually as a PoE player can play).


New league starts this week. This league's new thing is giving weapons passive trees, and apparently every skill in the game can be hugely affected through these passives. It sounds cool and might make for some really bonkers builds.

I kind of miss PoE after playing the D4 beta so I'm giving it a go after skipping like two leagues in a row. I'll be playing on my Steam Deck so I plan on doing something relatively easy to play, Toxic Rain Ballista.
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I had some Zizaran vidoes come up on my YouTube feed where he talks about the new league. I started watching them, but realized I'm just not in the mood for this now. :D (Even though I've been playing Drox Operative the last few nights which is also a loot based ARPG.)

I'm sure I will get lured in again where I play a league obsessively for a month or two, but for now I'm good, I think. :D
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If you need a ARPG palet cleanser, try Minecraft Dungeons. It's not complicated or anything. It's just visceral click killing.
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Last Epoch is getting better and better.  New patches have just released if you want to scratch that ARPG itch, but don't want to go down the POE rabbit hole.  But not yet out of Beta.

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I'm in maps, and I like this league.  The league combat isn't interesting, but the weapon passive trees are fun.  I don't get why they didn't allow uniques to have them.  Most builds do better with a good rare than a unique anyway, and this just reinforces it.


Oh, I guess there's a way to get a unique weapon passive tree, but it's for endgame.  Which means you'll never use it for anything other than endgame uniques and leveling uniques are left in the dust.