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Dwarf Fortress

Started by sbr, April 20, 2009, 02:41:42 AM

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Darth Wagtaros

Quote from: Josquius on December 09, 2022, 03:11:52 PMHas there ever been any word on how the creators are doing?

Do they earn enough from patron et al to be comfortable and full time on the game?
I read an article a few years ago that they live with their mother and don't really get out much, so probably?


They're doing great.

QuoteDwarf Fortress(opens in new tab) hit Steam yesterday, but you probably know that already. In fact, there's a decent chance you own it. Kitfox Games, who published DF's "premium" Steam version, enlisted the aid of an economist(opens in new tab) before yesterday's release to try to predict how many copies the game would end up selling after its ASCII version spent 16 years as a free download on Bay 12's website(opens in new tab). The prediction was respectable: About 160,000 copies sold in two months.

Dwarf Fortress hit that in under 24 hours(opens in new tab).
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The Minsky Moment

I got it; the UI is much easier to work with than the direct version I played with a few years bac.  Makes it more likely it will get real play time going forward.

And yes I've no doubt there are utilities and tilesets etc that work just about as well with the free version but that's that kind of fiddling its worth paying to avoid.'

Also I;m glad for the brothers that the sales seem to be doing well.  They seem like decent types.
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I've pretty much played the free version with the Lazy Noob pack. It gives you a lot of control of what your dwarves do. Also it's fun exploring the history of your world!


I bought it to support the developers but I still think the free version with LNP and dwarf therapist is better and more polished... but im probably just stuck in my ways.
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