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Crusader Kings 2 Redux

Started by Martinus, March 21, 2011, 08:36:07 AM

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So... does anyone still plays CK2 or maybe can give me some advice? :unsure:

I'm toying with the idea of playing with a miaphysite (sp?) Egypt, ruling from Alexandria.

First I tried a few runs with that Viking bloke in Brittany in 867. My idea was to use the prepared invasion CB on the Muslim ruler, but I can't get him below the 50 holdings needed to chose the CB (he has around 87). I've tried to destabilize his kingdom with my chancellor and spymaster, antagonize him until I can duel him and let the worst possible successor rules but to no avail, his kingdom is always intact. Even with most of his vassals with negative opinion, no one seems to want to start a rebellion. I've tried some limited looting, more to tie his troops in Egypt instead of winning wars, rather than for the money, maybe I should use more of this strategy? Any advice will be appreciated.

Somewhat related, usually I use Menorca as a base to expand my diplo range, which allows me to reach Egypt but not all the vassals. It's fairly easy to conquer. Should I use someplace in Corsica or South Italy even with greater risk of hostilities from my neighbors or use Menorca and then conquer some other island? Crete seems the best option, but is not as easy as Menorca... any tips?

Since I can't conquer Egypt the hard way, I began to look ahead and started to test the Miaphysite restoration process. I began a game with the Duke of Alexandria, son of the Sultan and heir to the throne and started to toy with the Secret Religion's Societies. I've never used this mechanism before, so any tips are welcome here. From what I gather I should only announce my new religion once I'm the Sultan right? In the meantime should I be actively weakening my Muslim neighbors to avoid any decent Holy War and maybe start swaying the Byz Emperor to form an alliance? How are Miaphysites seen by Orthodox and Catholic rulers, like heathens, heretics or there's any kind of bonus? Last question, what will happen with my wives, will I keep them all or only the first one or something else will happen? :hmm:

I know some of these questions could be answered with a little more game time and a quick trip to the wiki, but I can't at the moment, so thanks for any info so I can daydream strategies while working. :hug:

jimmy olsen

Miaphysites are treated by the Byzantines the same as they treat Catholics if I remember correctly.
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My CK2 advice: get the HIP mod.


Quote from: Tamas on July 15, 2021, 07:44:16 AM
My CK2 advice: get the HIP mod.

I'll check it out.

Still checking for some tips on the above situation tough. :)