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What does a TRUMP presidency look like?

Started by FunkMonk, November 08, 2016, 11:02:57 PM

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Quote from: The Minsky Moment on January 28, 2023, 07:05:32 PMThe story is not a story. the filing is an answer to a complaint; its a technical pleading document; it doesn't seek to dismiss anything.  The answer objects to the definition of the "Trump Organization" as a variety of improper group pleading.  It's all inside baseball lawyer procedural stuff.

Yes and no.

So back when I was in Yukon, [edited - the following was all publicly reported anyways]

So anyways, in filing a Statement of Defence to a First Nations lawsuit the federal DOJ civil branch refused to admit the existence of the First Nation in question.  Now as you say, I understood that to be fairly routine - admit nothing in a statement of defence.  But it generated tons of negative publicity, as of course the First Nation in question (I think it was the Kaska, but it doesn't matter) had been recognized by the government for almost 100 years, even if no land claim agreement had ever been signed.

So I do think lawyers need to be a little more careful in drafting such defences, because while such a filing may raise no legal eyebrows, there is always a wider audience to worry about.
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Admiral Yi

I guess Donald got bored with reading the teleprompter.

Admiral Yi

I didn't know who McGonigal was so googled him.

This article draws a very tenuous connection between him and the two October surprises that helped Trump win in 16.  So head scratching that Trump is dumping on him.

crazy canuck

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In a completely random association, after reading this article I flashed back to law school, and a summer job I had doing Indian residential school lawsuits, and trying to figure out the complicated corporate structure of the Catholic church.  There is no one legal entity called the "Roman Catholic Church", only all these separate diocese and orders and whatnot.  Despite the really obvious fact that they all do in fact take their orders from the Pope through the variety on Church laws.

Suing Protestant churches was infinitely simpler, because they did in fact have a single corporate body you could sue.

No surprise that the Roman Catholic church turns out to be an incorporeal body, given all centuries they've promoted the notion of such a thing.

All corporate persons are incorporeal, though not all are gods.

Corporations and Gods have one thing in common - they are both fictions.
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