Ship ahoy or How to get to London the difficult way

Started by Threviel, June 12, 2022, 09:41:02 AM

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My training and dieting has gone quite well this week. I've been swimming about 10ish km and I've been digging out for a support wall in the garden. Lots of exercise and lots of calories spent.

At the same time I've been dieting, something I normally would never do, focusing on eating fat and proteins and staying over 1000 calories below my daily spend.

So far I've dropped from 84,6 last Monday to 81.9 today. A velocity of 1-1.5 kg a week which, with 5 weeks remaining, ought to get me to around 78 kg at departure.


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Sounds awesome Threviel. What an experience.

There's tons to do in London, even if you just stick to a 5km of your hotel. For your walk, as well as Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park is huge and right next door to you. St James's Park is lovely and worth a walk through if you are planning on going in the direction of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey or the Houses of Parliament. You have three major museums on your doorstep - I would explore one or two of them rather than schlepp over to the British Museum.

Depending on how old your kids are, I'd recommend a bike ride (on a Sandandar (or Boris) bike) along the Thames back to your hotel if you are going to Tower of London or anywhere else along the river. All segregared and you get to see quite a few sights.