Brexit and the waning days of the United Kingdom

Started by Josquius, February 20, 2016, 07:46:34 AM

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How would you vote on Britain remaining in the EU?

British- Remain
12 (12.1%)
British - Leave
7 (7.1%)
Other European - Remain
21 (21.2%)
Other European - Leave
6 (6.1%)
ROTW - Remain
33 (33.3%)
ROTW - Leave
20 (20.2%)

Total Members Voted: 97


Maybe. I think the damage - especially from Truss six weeks in charge - is going to take a long time to recover from. A lot, I agree, is because of cost of living but I think there is a degree of acceptance that there are factors there out of any government's control, the fact the Tories voluntarily did a Black Wednesday all on their own is, I think, possibly even more damaging.
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Richard Hakluyt

Its going to be a cracking election night, comparable to 1997, drinks and nibbles will be in order i think  :cool:


Yeah I'm expecting multi-Portillos. Definitely one for drinks and snacks.
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Quote from: Richard Hakluyt on Today at 03:39:40 AMI think a lot of people are turning away from the Tories simply because of the cost of living problem and its direct effects on them. Since things are going to get worse over the next year or two I therefore expect a Labour landslide. However, the labour support is very soft, Starmer and crew will need to show excellent progress by 2027/28 or the Tory shitshow will recommence c.2029.

I'd agree here. Which is another reason why fixing the system should be a priority of labour as soon as they get in power.
Take away the tory majority by default setup of the country.


Haven't seen one in a while, but a poll on attitudes to Irish unification:

As Alex Clarkson has pointed this poll, and the repeated polls showing stronger support for the union than independence in Scotland, points to a weirdness where there's more consensus about Irish unification and Scottish independence in England than in Scotland or Ireland. Similarly I think there's actually more of a sense that they're good ideas in England than there - nothing annoys me more than the remainer Englishman who now thinks Scotland should go indepdendent and stans Nicola Sturgeon for, I don't know, reasons.

It also indicates that, I think, the big long-term risk to the union is English indifference and I think part of this is because of how incredibly centralised England is, so all attention is focused on Westminster. But also it's weirdly reinforced by a significant chunk of English opinion basically thinking the break-up of the union is inevitable (and possibly good as some form of karma for Brexit). I'd slightly exclude Irish unification from this as I think there's different dynamics at play there.

I think Labour win a massive majority and have parliamentary time for one big constitutional reform I wouldn't go for House of Lords, or voting reform, but massive decentralisation within England.
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