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Generation Zero

Started by viper37, February 19, 2024, 04:23:26 PM

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I was gifted this for Christmas.

Fun indie game.  You walk in a Swedish archipel fighting a robot invasion and trying to discover what really happened.
Hint of a government conspiracy.

At the higher levels of difficulty, you can not save where you want, which is annoying.  In some places, that are swarms of robots attacking you and it's difficult to hide, they come from everywhere and you have limited ammo.

Nonetheless, pretty fun.  Some crazy Swedes came up with this idea. :P
Never heard of this studio before.

They are still actively developing the game, so new content gets added.
It's sold for below 10$ on Steam.
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The Brain

It was heavily inspired by the books by Simon Stålenhag, like Tales From The Loop, set in an alternative Swedish 1980s: :)
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Yes, wasn't there meant to be a law suit or something there?
Iirc the studio even comes from the same town as him.