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Started by Barrister, August 24, 2009, 01:50:38 PM

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Since I rock a government-issued phone I'm kind of stuck on them for phone upgrades.

Yesterday I learned by iPhone 8 plus (which came out in 2017, discontinued in 2020) is not too old to receive the latest iOS version, and thus I'm getting a new phone.

So now I have an iPhone 13 on order.  :)

Unfortunately back when I got my 8 Plus, the government would allow you to spend your own money to get an upgraded phone (I normally would have just been issued an 8, but paid extra for the 8 Plus).  We've changed providers since then and it is no longer an option.  Too bad - I would have paid for a 13 Pro Max.  At least the 13 looks to be almost the same size as my 8 Plus.
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