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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Started by FunkMonk, May 10, 2023, 04:58:23 PM

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Quite possibly the most anticipated Nintendo game in history is released this Friday. Anybody buying it?

I've played about 40 or 50 hours of Breath of the Wild but never actually finished it because I tend to get distracted a lot in open world games. I am still kind of hyped for it's sequel. :Embarrass:
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Honestly I've never got Zelda.
The snes and gameboy ones were good but from n64 on... Meh. Too lacking in story and world building to be an rpg but not fun and fast enough to be an action adventure.

But I do know it's a big deal of a series with lots of fans and this one seems particularly hyped for some reason.

I do plan to try the first switch one at some time. I've heard it's good. But then I heard that of previous ones too.


A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time were big parts of my childhood, admittedly, but the other titles never caught on for me. BotW stirred some of the feelings that those two did for me, so I'm hopeful Tears does much the same.
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Grey Fox

I've put 150 or so hours in BoTW on the WiiU. So, yeah I'm in. I've kept myself in the dark about the game tho. Going in Blind.
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I'm seeing video clips of people making operational battlemechs with lasers and obliterating monsters with the new mechanics in Tears and it's kind of incredible

I feel smart just fusing random junk to broken swords and spears  :lol:
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jimmy olsen

I loved Link's Awakening on my Gameboy as a kid.

I also had Twilight Princess on the Wii and that was pretty good too.
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