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Quote from: Syt on May 26, 2023, 02:06:43 AMI hang around the Midjourney subreddit a bit, and some of the AI created images there are fairly impressive. Though Adobe seems to take it one step ahead, offering a "generative fill" in its Photoshop beta, which uses AI to fill in the gaps if you expand an image's canvas.



MidJourney still has problem with the hands.  Otherwise, it's doing great.
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I've given ChatGPT a few hints at a settings - a corporate run refinery on a moon orbiting a mining world. Dingy, but corporate. With a few refinements it came up with a decent description of the location. I asked it for a description of what life might be like for workers, managers, and execs in the settlement. Also to describe the life and challenges for a family of four living there.

Based on that I gave it a prompt to write flash fiction (700-900 words) about a corporate security officer being called to a shoplifting incident with a young orphan and the officer torn between responsibility towards corporation and human compassion. This is GPT's second draft.

QuoteAs the sun dipped below the jagged horizon of Forgehaven, casting long shadows across the sprawling settlement, Mia's comm device buzzed with an urgent message. She clenched her jaw, feeling the weight of responsibility settle upon her shoulders. Mia, a young woman working as a security officer for SSS Corporation, was well aware of the ruthless corporate dominance that governed every aspect of life in Forgehaven.

The message informed Mia of an incident at a dilapidated convenience store nestled amidst the forgotten corners of the settlement. A homeless orphan had been caught stealing meager nutrition bars. Mia's heart sank at the mere thought of another child facing the harsh reality of survival in this unforgiving world. The corporation's response was swift—punishment and restitution. But as Mia trudged through the dimly lit alleys, her footsteps echoing a sense of purpose, she couldn't help but question the cruel mechanisms at play.

Entering the store, Mia was met with a scene that etched itself into her memory—a weary shopkeeper, Mr. Chen, pointing a trembling finger at the frail figure of the young thief. The child, their clothes tattered, eyes haunted by deprivation, clutched the stolen bars as if they were the only lifeline in a sea of indifference. Mia's gaze shifted to the shelves, stacked with abundance, each package bearing the mark of the corporations that dictated life in Forgehaven.

Suppressing her frustration, Mia knelt down beside the child, whose name she soon learned was Ember. The air was thick with the scent of despair, mingled with the distant promises of a corporate-run orphanage—a place Mia had seen firsthand, its walls painted with the facade of care and opportunity, but its halls echoing with neglect and exploitation.

"What led you to this, Ember?" Mia's voice trembled with a mix of empathy and simmering anger.

Ember's eyes flickered with vulnerability, yearning for understanding. "I... I just needed something to eat. I couldn't stand the hunger anymore."

Mia's heart clenched, the corporate machinery grinding against her conscience. She couldn't turn her back on Ember's plea for compassion, for a glimmer of hope in the depths of despair. It was time to challenge the system that perpetuated such suffering.

Turning to Mr. Chen, Mia's voice was firm yet tinged with an unwavering resolve. "There must be a different way, Mr. Chen. Ember's stolen bars are a symptom of a deeper problem—an insidious cycle perpetuated by a system that ignores the cries of its most vulnerable."

Mr. Chen's weariness clashed with a spark of curiosity. "And what do you suggest, Officer?"

Mia's gaze shifted to the corporate-sponsored orphanage looming in the distance, its facade crumbling like the dreams it falsely promised. "Let us break this cycle, Mr. Chen. Forgehaven's corporate orphanages may claim to offer solace, but they are mere factories of neglect, breeding grounds for broken spirits. Ember deserves a chance to rise above the shadows."

A flicker of hope danced in Ember's eyes, mirrored by a glimmer of realization in Mr. Chen's worn face. The shopkeeper's voice trembled with a newfound determination. "Yes, Officer. Let's find a different path."

With renewed purpose, Mia set in motion a plan that defied the cold calculations of the corporations. She contacted a network of underground activists, working tirelessly to protect the abandoned children of Forgehaven. Together, they crafted an alternative—a haven where the echoes of suffering were replaced by the laughter of resilience, a place where children like Ember could find love, care, and a chance to thrive.

Mia knew the road ahead would be treacherous, challenging the very foundations of the corporations that governed their lives. But she refused to let her compassion be stifled by the iron grip of power. With every step, she would strive to dismantle the chains that bound the innocent and give rise to a future where humanity triumphed over profit.

In the shadows of Forgehaven, a small spark of rebellion was ignited—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a defiance against a system that had long forgotten the true meaning of compassion and justice. And Mia, armed with compassion as her shield and empathy as her sword, would lead the charge, knowing that change, however daunting, was within their grasp.

So yeah, it's pretty cliché. But tbh, if I was still running the Serenity/Firefly RPG with friends, this might be a pretty decent resource for a DM to flesh out locations and characters.
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QuoteBased on this premise, draft a plot outline (hero's journey) for Mia, following the events at the shop. Add locations, characters and concepts as needed. Make a separate list item for each part of the hero's journey.

QuoteHero's Journey Plot Outline for Mia:

The Call to Adventure:

Mia receives a distress call from an underground activist group known as the "Hope's Embrace," dedicated to rescuing abandoned children from the corporate orphanages.
They reveal the existence of a hidden facility on the outskirts of Forgehaven called "Sanctum of Innocence," where they provide genuine care and support for the children.

Refusal of the Call:

Mia initially hesitates, torn between her loyalty to SSS Corporation and her growing discontent with the oppressive system.
She fears the consequences of defying the corporation and worries about the potential danger to Ember and the other children.

Meeting the Mentor:

Mia encounters a seasoned activist named Jonah, who has witnessed the horrors of the corporate orphanages firsthand.
Jonah becomes Mia's mentor, sharing his experiences and knowledge of the underground resistance, strengthening her resolve to bring about change.

Crossing the Threshold:

Mia makes the decision to join the underground movement, determined to rescue Ember and expose the dark truth behind the corporate-run orphanages.
With Jonah's guidance, she infiltrates the corporation's data center to gather evidence of the corruption and mistreatment.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies:

Mia faces various challenges, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of corporate power while evading security forces.
She forms alliances with other dissidents, including a skilled hacker named Aria, who aids her in uncovering classified information about the orphanages and the corporate cover-up.
Mia also encounters formidable adversaries within the corporation who are determined to protect their secrets and maintain control.

Approach to the Inmost Cave:

Mia and her allies uncover a shocking revelation—the corporation profits from the exploitation of the orphaned children through forced labor and illegal experiments.
They learn of a clandestine operation called "Project Phoenix," where the children's potential powers are harnessed for corporate gain.


Mia and her team plan a daring rescue mission to liberate the children from the oppressive grasp of the corporation.
They must navigate treacherous security systems, confront heavily armed guards, and overcome the corporation's ruthless resistance to protect the innocent.

Reward (Seizing the Sword):

Mia successfully rescues Ember and the other children, leading them to the safety of the Sanctum of Innocence.
The children experience genuine care, education, and a chance to heal from their past traumas.

The Road Back:

Mia realizes that their fight is not yet over. They must expose the truth to the people of Forgehaven, sparking a revolution against the corporate tyranny.
With Ember and the other children as living proof of the atrocities committed, Mia prepares to rally the oppressed citizens.


Mia confronts the CEO of SSS Corporation, revealing the evidence of their crimes and the exploitation of innocent lives.
The CEO, driven by self-preservation, attempts to eliminate Mia and the evidence, leading to a climactic battle for justice.

Return with the Elixir:

Mia emerges victorious, exposing the corporation's dark secrets to the public.
The people of Forgehaven rise up against the corporations, demanding change and fair treatment for all.
Mia becomes a symbol of hope, inspiring others to challenge the oppressive system and work towards a more just society.

New Equilibrium:

Forgehaven undergoes a transformation, as the corporations are held accountable for their crimes.
The Sanctum of Innocence becomes a recognized safe haven for orphaned children, offering them a chance to heal and thrive.
Mia continues her fight for justice, working towards dismantling the remnants of the oppressive system and building a brighter future for all.

Note: This is a generalized plot outline, and you can further develop each stage with additional subplots, twists, and character development to create a more detailed and engaging story.

(Emphasis mine)
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"Redo it but make 'em thick "?

This one does the trick quite well. Albeit with a one a day limit.


Quote from: Syt on June 03, 2023, 12:53:50 AMAddendum:

QuoteBased on this premise, draft a plot outline (hero's journey) for Mia, following the events at the shop. Add locations, characters and concepts as needed. Make a separate list item for each part of the hero's journey.

QuoteHero's Journey Plot Outline for Mia:

Note: This is a generalized plot outline, and you can further develop each stage with additional subplots, twists, and character development to create a more detailed and engaging story.

(Emphasis mine)

ChatGPT doesn't seem to realize that the Hero's Journey is the parallel journey of the hero's character, as well as the external journey to fulfill the quest.  This is just the exterior journey.
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True. I tried to have it add the internal journey, too - it made a decent effort, but when I tried to have it combine both it struggled.

To go back to my "have content for your RPG created on the fly" comment - for that it might work reasonably well? These are all first prompts, though you could of course ask it to change/refine based on preference. For naming places and characters, it sometimes seems to come up with somewhat original names, but a lot of times a google search reveals that the name already exists "out there" somewhere. That said, it's a common issue when coming up with names for places/characters in sci-fi/fantasy, because if you come up with something that "sounds good", chances are, someone somewhere used it before you. :P

QuotePrompt: Describe a fantasy city. The world is similar to Earth's bronze age. Fantasy races exist, cults worshiping gods have real power, and certain gifted people can use magic. There are mythical creatures and remnants of old, long past legendary civilizations. This city is the capital of a major empire and counts about 100,000 people. It sits on the mouth of a river into an ocean. There are several islets in the river/mouth of the river that are part of the city. Describe the city layout (including immediate surroundings), architectural style, society structure and economy.

Welcome to the magnificent city of Aetherhelm, the capital of the vast Empire of Eldoria in a world reminiscent of Earth's bronze age but brimming with fantastical elements. Nestled on the mouth of the grand River of Serenity as it cascades into the vast Azure Ocean, Aetherhelm stands as a beacon of civilization, magic, and ancient wonders.

City Layout and Immediate Surroundings:
Aetherhelm is a sprawling city that extends across the river's banks and encompasses several islets scattered within the river's mouth. The city is divided into distinct districts, each with its own character and purpose. The heart of Aetherhelm lies on the largest islet, known as the Citadel Isle, where the Emperor's palace and the administrative buildings are located. Surrounding it are the noble quarters, where grand mansions and estates line the streets, showcasing opulent architectural styles.

Connected by a network of sturdy stone bridges, the remaining islets form distinct districts. The Artisan's Isle is home to bustling marketplaces, workshops, and guildhalls, where craftsmen and artisans from all corners of the empire gather to sell their wares. The Temple Isle, adorned with magnificent temples and shrines, serves as the spiritual center of Aetherhelm, housing various cults and their devout followers.

Beyond the islets, the city extends along the riverbanks, forming the Riverside District. Here, common folk reside in modest homes, and vibrant taverns and open-air markets bring life to the streets. As the river flows into the ocean, the Harbor District thrives with dockyards, warehouses, and trading posts, where ships from distant lands arrive laden with exotic goods.

Architectural Style:
The architectural style of Aetherhelm is a blend of majestic grandeur and mystical charm. Most buildings are constructed from sandstone and marble, intricately carved with symbols representing the Empire's history and the mythical creatures of old. Elaborate mosaics and colorful stained glass windows adorn the facades, depicting epic legends and scenes from ancient folklore. Towers and domes grace the skyline, giving the city an ethereal beauty.

Society Structure:
Aetherhelm is a stratified society, with a clear hierarchy reflecting the Empire's social structure. At the pinnacle stands the Emperor, considered the divine ruler chosen by the gods themselves. Below the Emperor are the noble families, comprising the aristocracy and high-ranking officials who wield considerable political influence.

Beneath the nobles are the common folk, divided into various classes based on their professions. Skilled artisans and craftsmen enjoy a respectable status, while farmers, laborers, and merchants form the backbone of the city's economy. Gifted individuals with magical abilities are highly regarded and often associated with noble families or cults.

Cults and Magic:
Aetherhelm is a hub of religious fervor, with cults dedicated to the gods of the pantheon holding significant sway. The city's temples are places of worship, magical rituals, and divine communion. Priests and priestesses possess real powers granted by the gods, performing miracles and casting powerful spells to maintain the balance between mortals and the divine.

Gifted individuals capable of wielding magic are known as Arcanists. They undergo rigorous training in arcane arts, seeking knowledge from ancient tomes and mastering spells that range from elemental manipulation to healing and illusion. The Arcanists' Tower, located on a prominent islet, serves as a center of magical studies and a bastion of arcane knowledge.

Aetherhelm boasts a thriving economy, fueled by trade, craftsmanship, and the exploitation of the empire's vast resources. The city's harbor connects it to distant lands, facilitating the exchange of goods and ideas. Merchants and traders haggle over spices, rare ores, enchanted artifacts, and exotic creatures, while shipyards produce mighty vessels for naval expeditions.

Skilled artisans and craftsmen produce intricate works of art, weapons, armor, and enchanted trinkets that draw buyers from all corners of the empire. The agricultural hinterlands surrounding Aetherhelm provide a steady supply of food and raw materials, sustaining the city's population and supporting its economy.

In this bustling metropolis of Aetherhelm, where gods are worshiped, magic is practiced, and echoes of ancient civilizations resound, the Empire of Eldoria reaches the pinnacle of its glory, standing as a beacon of prosperity, culture, and mystical marvels in a world teeming with wonders.

QuotePrompt: Describe the Imperial ruling dynasty of Aetherhelm and its connections to the nobility, cults and Arcanists.

The ruling dynasty of Aetherhelm, known as the House of Valerian, has held power over the city and the Empire of Eldoria for centuries. They are believed to be descendants of the legendary hero who founded the empire and established Aetherhelm as its capital. The House of Valerian is considered the divine bloodline, blessed by the gods themselves.

The connection between the ruling dynasty and the nobility is strong. The noble families of Aetherhelm, residing in the opulent quarters within the city, have close ties to the House of Valerian. They serve as trusted advisors, loyal vassals, and key supporters of the Emperor's rule. The nobility often intermarries with the members of the ruling dynasty to solidify alliances and strengthen their position within the empire.

Regarding the cults, the House of Valerian maintains a complex relationship with them. While the Emperor officially endorses the worship of the pantheon of gods, they maintain a careful balance between the various cults to prevent any one cult from gaining too much power. The Emperor often relies on the counsel and influence of the high-ranking priests and priestesses from different cults, forming a web of political and religious alliances.

Arcanists, the gifted individuals who possess magical abilities, also hold a significant place in the Empire's hierarchy. The House of Valerian recognizes the importance of these individuals in maintaining the empire's magical prowess and ensuring their continued dominance. Many Arcanists are associated with noble families, serving as personal advisors or court magicians to the Emperor and the noble houses. The ruling dynasty provides resources, protection, and opportunities for Arcanists to flourish, and in return, they offer their magical expertise and loyalty.

Overall, the House of Valerian maintains a delicate balance between the nobility, the cults, and the Arcanists. They navigate these intricate connections to secure their position as the divine rulers of Aetherhelm, relying on the support and influence of the nobility, the wisdom and spiritual guidance of the cults, and the arcane powers of the gifted Arcanists. Through this intricate network of relationships, the House of Valerian ensures the stability and prosperity of the empire while upholding their divine mandate to rule.

QuotePrompt: Describe the crest of House Valerian

The crest of House Valerian, the esteemed ruling dynasty of Aetherhelm, is a symbol that embodies their power, lineage, and divine connection. It is a grand and intricate emblem that reflects the glory and heritage of the imperial family.

At the center of the crest, there is a majestic golden lion rampant, representing strength, courage, and regality. The lion's proud and fierce posture signifies the noble nature of House Valerian and its rulers. Its golden color symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and the divine favor bestowed upon the dynasty.

Surrounding the lion, there are intertwined branches of laurel and olive, representative of victory, peace, and wisdom. The laurel leaves, with their rich green hue, signify triumph and achievement, while the olive branches, with their silver-gray color, symbolize harmony, unity, and diplomacy. Together, they illustrate the balanced rule of House Valerian, where both military might and diplomacy play crucial roles in maintaining the empire's prosperity.

Above the lion and foliage, there is a radiant sun, radiating with golden rays. The sun signifies enlightenment, divine guidance, and the Empire's dominance under the House of Valerian. Its radiant glow represents the Emperor's role as a beacon of light, guiding the empire towards greatness.

Below the lion, laurel, olive branches, and sun, a scroll unfurls, bearing the words "Potentia, Iustitia, Auctoritas" in elegant calligraphy. Translated from Latin, these words mean "Power, Justice, Authority." They represent the core values and principles upheld by House Valerian. Power reflects their dominion and the strength to protect their subjects, Justice symbolizes the fair and equitable rule, and Authority signifies their rightful command and influence over the empire.

The entire crest is encompassed by a regal golden border, adorned with intricate filigree and ornate details. The border adds an aura of grandeur, elegance, and refinement, showcasing the opulence associated with House Valerian's rule.

The crest of House Valerian is displayed proudly on banners, flags, seals, and other official emblems throughout Aetherhelm. It serves as a recognizable symbol of the ruling dynasty, instilling a sense of awe and reverence in the hearts of the empire's citizens, reminding them of the House's divine mandate to lead and protect the realm.
(Note that it omits the "background color" of the crest)

QuotePrompt: Describe the four largest cults within the city.

Within the diverse tapestry of religious beliefs and practices in Aetherhelm, four of the largest and most influential cults hold significant sway over the city. These cults are central to the spiritual and cultural fabric of the empire, each venerating a specific deity and embodying distinct ideologies and rituals.

The Cult of Solara:
The Cult of Solara is dedicated to the worship of Solara, the Sun Goddess. They hold the belief that Solara is the bringer of light, warmth, and life. The cult's adherents gather in grand sunlit temples, adorned with gold and precious gemstones. They perform intricate ceremonies and rituals at sunrise, seeking blessings for abundance, vitality, and protection against darkness and evil. The Cult of Solara emphasizes harmony with nature and the pursuit of enlightenment through the study of celestial knowledge.

The Order of Aegis:
The Order of Aegis venerates Aegis, the God of Justice and Protection. They believe in upholding the principles of fairness, righteousness, and the defense of the weak. The cult's members, clad in suits of armor and wielding shields, can often be found patrolling the streets and serving as guardians of the city. The Order of Aegis maintains grand halls of justice where trials are conducted, ensuring the rule of law is upheld. They also engage in charitable endeavors, aiding the less fortunate and offering sanctuary to those in need.

The Circle of Mysteries:
The Circle of Mysteries is a secretive cult devoted to the enigmatic deity known as the Veiled Serpent. They explore the depths of arcane knowledge, delving into the realms of magic and the esoteric. Their rituals are often held in hidden underground chambers or secluded groves, veiled in mystery and protected from prying eyes. The cult's members, known as Arcanists, possess a profound understanding of magic and work to maintain the balance between the mortal realm and the forces of the arcane. The Circle of Mysteries values wisdom, exploration, and the pursuit of magical mastery.

The Temple of Serenity:
The Temple of Serenity is dedicated to Seraphina, the Goddess of Healing and Compassion. They advocate for the well-being and harmony of all living beings. The temple provides sanctuary for the sick and wounded, and its members, clad in white robes, are skilled healers and caregivers. They organize charitable missions, tend to the city's hospitals, and offer solace and guidance to those in need. The Temple of Serenity promotes acts of kindness, empathy, and the pursuit of inner peace through meditation and spiritual practices.

These four cults, each with its distinctive focus and following, shape the religious landscape of Aetherhelm. While they may have their differences, they coexist within the city, often interacting and cooperating in matters of mutual importance. Together, they provide spiritual guidance, foster a sense of community, and maintain a delicate balance between the mortal realm and the divine forces that shape the world of Aetherhelm.

QuotePrompt: Who is the current emperor, and who are his immediate family/friends/enemies?

The current Emperor of Aetherhelm is Emperor Maximus Valerian III, a member of the esteemed House of Valerian. He ascended to the throne after the passing of his father, Emperor Lucius Valerian II, approximately ten years ago. Emperor Maximus is known for his charismatic presence, strong leadership, and dedication to the welfare and prosperity of the empire.

Immediate Family:

Empress Octavia Valerian: Emperor Maximus' beloved wife and Empress Consort. She is known for her grace, wisdom, and involvement in charitable endeavors, particularly in supporting education and the arts.
Prince Marcus Valerian: The eldest son and heir to the throne. Prince Marcus is being groomed to take on the responsibilities of leadership and is well-respected among the nobility.
Princess Livia Valerian: The youngest daughter of Emperor Maximus, Princess Livia is known for her adventurous spirit and her interest in the arcane arts. She often explores the ancient ruins and seeks knowledge about the mystical history of the empire.
Close Friends and Allies:

Lord Antonius Darrow: A trusted friend and advisor to Emperor Maximus. Lord Antonius is known for his strategic acumen and unwavering loyalty to the Valerian dynasty. He serves as the Emperor's chief military advisor and plays a crucial role in overseeing the defense and expansion of the empire.
Lady Aurelia Severus: A childhood friend of Emperor Maximus, Lady Aurelia is a skilled diplomat and serves as the Empire's Ambassador to foreign lands. Her expertise in negotiation and maintaining diplomatic relations has been instrumental in strengthening alliances and securing trade agreements.
Enemies and Rivals:

Lord Caius Veridian: A powerful noble who has long held a grudge against the Valerian dynasty. Lord Caius is known for his cunning and ambition, and he seeks to undermine Emperor Maximus' rule. He has allied himself with disgruntled nobles who oppose the Valerian family, forming a formidable faction that challenges the Emperor's authority.
The Cult of Shadow: A secretive cult that operates in the shadows, opposing the rule of the Valerians. The Cult of Shadow seeks to sow chaos and unrest, believing that the Valerians have lost touch with the true divine power. They are known for their subversive activities, spreading dissent and cultivating dark magic.
Emperor Maximus Valerian III faces both internal and external challenges as he strives to uphold the legacy of his dynasty and maintain the stability of the empire. He relies on the support and guidance of his immediate family, trusted friends, and loyal allies, while remaining vigilant against the threats posed by enemies and rivals who seek to undermine his rule.
(Really leaning into the Roman names there :lol: )

QuotePrompt: Give brief descriptions of the lands bordering the Empire of Eldoria.

The Empire of Eldoria is situated in a diverse and expansive region, bordered by various lands that contribute to the tapestry of the continent. Here are brief descriptions of some of the notable lands that surround the Empire:

Kingdom of Varinthia:
To the north of Eldoria lies the Kingdom of Varinthia, a realm known for its vast forests and majestic mountains. Varinthia is home to skilled archers and formidable warriors who have mastered the art of guerrilla warfare. The kingdom is governed by a wise and just monarch, and its people take great pride in their cultural heritage and deep connection to the natural world.

Dominion of Malvernis:
Stretching to the east of Eldoria, the Dominion of Malvernis is a realm characterized by arid deserts and sprawling oasis cities. Known for its vibrant marketplaces and bustling trade routes, Malvernis is a hub of commerce and cultural exchange. The ruling elite of Malvernis are shrewd merchants and skilled diplomats, leveraging their strategic location to establish economic dominance in the region.

Principality of Stormgarde:
Nestled in the rugged mountains to the west of Eldoria, the Principality of Stormgarde is a land of harsh terrain and treacherous weather conditions. Stormgarde is renowned for its resilient and fiercely independent people who have developed exceptional craftsmanship in the forging of weapons and armor. The principality is governed by a council of noble clans who value strength, honor, and martial prowess.

Coastal Confederation of Tidewatch:
To the south of Eldoria, along the expansive coastline, lies the Coastal Confederation of Tidewatch. This land is characterized by its bustling port cities, prosperous fishing communities, and a strong maritime tradition. Tidewatch is a hub of seafaring commerce and is known for its skilled sailors and shipbuilders. The confederation is governed by a council of coastal lords who prioritize trade and naval power.

Wildlands of Ebonheart:
Bordering Eldoria to the southeast are the Wildlands of Ebonheart, an untamed and mysterious realm. This land is filled with dense forests, deep swamps, and ancient ruins. It is home to a variety of mythical creatures, ranging from majestic unicorns to cunning forest spirits. The Wildlands are largely uninhabited by humans, with only a few isolated tribes and enigmatic druidic orders who have learned to coexist with the primal forces of nature.

These neighboring lands provide a diverse backdrop to the Empire of Eldoria, each with its unique geography, culture, and challenges. They contribute to the richness of the region and often interact with Eldoria through trade, diplomacy, and occasional conflicts, shaping the political and social dynamics of the continent.

Not exactly super original, but as something to get your adventures started, I think it can be quite useful (or for creating a character/location on the fly). As said, these were just first prompts; you could go back to refine it to change up the look and feel.

I tried to have it generate ASCII maps for the city, but it was complete garbage. :lol:
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