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How many times have you moved in your life?

Started by The Larch, January 24, 2023, 08:13:21 PM

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How many times have you moved in your life?

None (I've lived in the same place all my life)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
1 (2.6%)
3 to 5 times
7 (17.9%)
6 to 8 times
11 (28.2%)
9 to 11 times
6 (15.4%)
12 to 15 times
6 (15.4%)
15+ times
8 (20.5%)

Total Members Voted: 39

The Larch

So, I just heard a stat that said that an American moves houses an average of 11 times during their lifetime, while an European will only move something like 5 times or less.

Given that we haven't had a good poll in a while, here's one about this very same topic. For the purposes of the poll count the number of times you've moved, rather than the number of houses (i.e., if you've lived in the same place more than once but in different times of your life).

As a bonus question, tell us your life story regarding moves and also if the place where you're currently living is where you expect to live for the foreseeable future/the rest of your life.

The Larch

As for myself, I'm at 7 moves (and 6 houses), and don't really expect to move anywhere else for the foreseeable future.

It went like this:

Childhood home (where my parents still live to this day), until I was 20 -> Student appartment for university (2 years) -> Another student appartment for my year abroad (1 year) -> Rental appartment with 2 friends (2 years and a couple of months) -> Back to the family home (6 months) -> Tiny rental studio (6 months) -> My own appartment (16 years next month, and counting).


How short a period should be considered "lived in"?  I have some stints as short as a month or two.

Grey Fox

My parents separated when I was young so I have 2 widely different tallies.

My dad moved me 5 times
My mom moved every year for 20 years + 2 with me and my dad.

I moved 2 times since leaving the childhood house. I voted for a tally of 7 times.

I've moved in this house 11 years ago and I expect to own it another decade before I sell it and move to la campagne.
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I voted 9-11, but it might be 6-8.

Back Home
NYC (one month)
Another place in NYC
CT (2 months)
CT 2
CT 3
CT 4
NC 1
NC 2


Did a quick count and got 17.

5 places in Denmark
3 places in Ottawa
9 places in Vancouver

... been pretty settled in the last few decades though.


I got 17 as well. Childhood was very stable, then moved around a lot during my studies and early career including stays abroad. These days it is stable again with no plans to move anywhere else.


Bizarrely I think I'm on 17 as well. :blink: :hmm:

Nope it's actually  24, but depends on how you class some student accommodation
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I'm not even sure I can count them all, but easily 15+.


Wpg->Cgy->S'toon->Wpg1->Wpg2->Wpg3->Cgy2->Cgy3->Peace River->Ashmont->Whitehorse->Whitehorse2->Edmonton

So that's what - 13?
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My parents moved me twice when I was a kid. Even though I had university living and spent six months in France I still had all my stuff at their house and all my mail went there so I don't really think I moved out until 2001 to an apartment with two roommates at age 23 (around when I started posting on Paradox).

I left that apartment in 2002 to another apartment (where I started posting on Languish) and then in 2004 moved to another apartment the floor above that apartment. Then my fiancée stole my money so I moved out of that place and back to my parents place in 2005. Then in 2006 I moved out of there to another apartment until moving in with my then girlfriend (now wife) in 2008. Then we moved to a house in 2009 and lived there until 2016 when moved sold that house and moved to a rental house with my Mother-in-Law. Then we moved into my current place in 2018 where I don't currently plan on ever leaving.

So that is 11. Currently. So I guess I am an average American.

But I will say every single one of those places were in the same metro area. Austin, Texas.
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Quote from: Barrister on January 24, 2023, 10:42:07 PMWpg->Cgy->S'toon->Wpg1->Wpg2->Wpg3->Cgy2->Cgy3->Peace River->Ashmont->Whitehorse->Whitehorse2->Edmonton

So that's what - 13?

I forgot moving to Flin Flon back in '96.  So 14.
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While living with my parents I moved 2-4 times, depending on how you count (twice was moving from downstairs to upstairs apartment in same building).

As an adult, 5 times in the past *checks calendar* 25 years. 4 of those were in Vienna. Though I've been living in my current place for nigh on 9 years, which is a record for me.
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About 6.
From Germany to Flanders.
Then about 3 times in west Flanders during childhood.
And 3 more times in east Flanders as an adult.
I'm guessing I'll maybe move once or twice move before breathing my last.


6 moves during childhood/teens, including the family staying at my grandmother's when the house was foreclosed...
2 apartments in Quebec
1 apartment in Ontario
3 apartments in France
5 apartments in the USA
Returned to Canada in current house.

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