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Advanced Squad Leader

Started by The Brain, September 16, 2022, 03:22:52 PM

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The Brain

I've owned a bunch of ASL stuff for years, and I really enjoyed playing Squad Leader back in the day. I'm now toying with the idea of actually playing some ASL. Does anyone know what the online scene is like? Which are the tools people use?

You are welcome to say "stay away from it, try one of the many more modern and less cumbersome systems instead", but I will likely ignore your advice.
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There are still hardcore communities out there for ASL, both on despite the Euro bleedover (just stay in the Wargames subdomain), and still has their analog it's-ASL-or-it's-crap community.

The introduction of the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kits have provided an excellent stepping stone into ASL, to the point that some players have stuck with only the ASLSKs rather than go full binder mode. If you want to take a more programmatic approach to getting into your ASL stuff than diving straight into the binder, still has all 4 ASL Starter Kits available in print (for now).

Habs and Berkut will certainly endorse for online play.  It was originally designed for ASL, after all.  I don't know what 11Bravo would endorse; pretty sure it doesn't have a Pabst Blue Ribbon mod yet.


Stay away from it, try one of the many more modern and less cumbersome systems instead


Stay away from it, try one of the many more modern and less cumbersome systems instead
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Embrace Vassal. Download all the modules. Massacre SS. Banzai charge Chinese positions. Take no prisoners. Replay Hogan's Heroes scenarios.

You can ask for a proper intervention if you ever start reaching for the HASL stuff.
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The Brain


Thanks guys. I shall delve into links and stuff. :)

For context, these are the ASL modules that I own :blush: :

Beyond Valor
Hakkaa Päälle!
Rising Sun
Red Factories :yeah:
Croix de Guerre
For King and Country
Deluxe ASL
Women want me. Men want to be with me.