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Fitness 2023

Started by mongers, January 03, 2023, 10:04:53 AM

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crazy canuck

Quote from: Gups on December 12, 2023, 09:11:47 AMI've dropped 7kg this year - down to 78kg (I'm about 1.78m), although I've stalled the last three months. If I can get down to 75kg and stick to it, I'll be happy.

I'm much fitter than this time last year 10k runs and 80k cycles are fine but should do some more upper body resistance.   My biggest health issue is booze, specifically wine. I drink about 6 bottles a week, which is at least twice as much as I ought to.

I cut back a lot on my wine consumption. I often had wine every weekend and sometimes during the week. Now a couple of months can go by any alcohol. And now, when I have a nice bottle of wine, it tastes that much better.  As an added bonus, my cellar gets depleted at a much lower rate. I probably won't be buying any cases this year to restock.


I haven't noticed if there's a fitness 2024 thread.

Anyhow.  Weight is stable.  But...  I can fit in clothes that I did not fit in last year, and a winter coat that was still zipping very tight early this fall now fits very well.  I could even fit a pull under it if I wanted too, but it wasn't too cold to walk outside today.

Walking is still hard though.  Slopes and snow.  I'm not yet to Rocky IV level of shape.  Ivan Drago will have to wait.  Or I'll need some of his stuff for my pains and my asthma.
I don't do meditation.  I drink alcohol to relax, like normal people.

If Microsoft Excel decided to stop working overnight, the world would practically end.

crazy canuck

New PB for deadlift- 270

crazy canuck

My old spotting partner showed up this morning.  Gave me the confidence to try for and do 290 on the bench.   :showoff:


Down to 101 Kg.  :w00t:

Don't want to jinx it, but I feel like this is the year where I'm finally dropping below 100.

crazy canuck

Woot back to 305 on the bench


So, I got a meniscus tear  :glare:

Before Christmas I started getting this bit of pain aftear each workout, got it checked out and I have a Grade 2-3 (not clear in the MRI) meniscus tear. No idea how I might have got it.

Now, it's not affecting me much at the moment. As said, just a bit of pain after each workout or if I walk a lot/carry weight. The GP has referred me to the specialist, but in principle she advises to manage it without going under the knife.

crazy canuck

Crap, I suggest also going to see a Physio to get exercises to strengthen the area and also the flexibility. Whatever it is you're doing is putting enough stress to cause the tear and so long-term you are going to need to address the weakness in the surrounding muscles to prevent that sort of thing from happening as you get older.

Take it from me it doesn't get easier  :D


Yeah, I've booked that while I see how the doctor-side pans out. The pain is annoying rather than debilitating, I'm more worried longterm.