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The Miscellaneous PC & vidya Games Thread

Started by Syt, June 26, 2012, 12:12:54 PM

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Luckily I read on Grogheads that a German preview listed that you'd like KoH2 if -among other things- you aren't looking for a big challenge. Which I am reading as codeword for the game having either too simplistic mechanics or bad AI or both. This should help prevent me from buying it, even with the Vic3 patch being an unexpected disaster.


I saw a review calling it "Crusader Kings Lite" ... :D
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Quote from: Syt on Today at 07:52:56 AMI saw a review calling it "Crusader Kings Lite" ... :D

CK3 is already CK2 Lite, I am not really looking to go lighter than that. :)

Then again I expect it doesn't have the pointless-event spam CK3 does sometime...  :hmm: