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Started by Caliga, April 05, 2024, 09:20:27 AM

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I am thinking of getting one of the OLED versions.  Do any of you people have one?

I would probably mostly be playing stuff like Stardew Valley, JRPGs, and using C64/SNES emulators on it, but would be interested in streaming stuff like BG3 from my PC to it also.
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The Minsky Moment

There's another thread below about this re Valve

You can play all those things on it.  It can run BG3 natively on the deck, or you can stream it via GFN or you can use Moonlight, etc. for PC streaming (can also do gamepass, chiaki for PS4/5 streaming, many other things).  All those things work well and are pretty easy to set up.

I had the original and flipped it for the OLED.  For me, subjectively, it's the best gaming device of any kind I've ever had. 
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Quote from: The Minsky Moment on April 05, 2024, 12:49:05 PMThere's another thread below about this re Valve
Didn't notice it... thanks!
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