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Star Wars Megathread

Started by Barrister, November 13, 2019, 12:54:52 AM

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I watched 1-3 and then 5 because I heard the fight was at least cool. All other canon breaking stuff aside (which it seems every iteration does anyway, right back to the originals) the writing is just bad. Both the actual dialogue and the characters and storyline itself. Characters flip flop and are inconsistent, nightsisters rip-off's create their own virgin birth twins so I guess an Anakin wasn't unique after all.

I've given up on the series. Hopefully asokha season 2 is good.

I do watch Jeremy Jahn's reviews because I find him entertaining and a reviewer who matches my views overall in most of the things he reviews. He's also not just a generic Disney/woke hater, so that's a plus.

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Personally I realized today this is my 3rd favorite Star Wars show, which I guess tells a lot about the others :D

With all its multiple faults, I appreciate that it's trying to tell an emotionally complex story, and doesn't rely on fanservice.

crazy canuck

But as the reviewer pointed out it's not actually emotionally complex.  It's just a bunch of inconsistent characters that have no memory.


Quote from: crazy canuck on July 03, 2024, 07:35:50 AMAnd that is the very problem with the Star Wars universe.  Jedi are not just preaching, they are supposed to actual have the ability to do what they preach. They are not merely human.  They have transcended being merely human.  At the beginning of the show Sol has extraordinary powers to read minds.  But the Jedi powers and discipline always fail in the Star Wars stories.


Well at least in the original trilogy it sort of worked because Luke was just a newbie and Obi-Wan was old.

If the Jedi actually are what they say they are then the plots of most Star Wars media just wouldn't happen.

In KOTOR they just kind of leave it vague why lots of the Jedi would join Exar Kun or Revan. Or why the Jedi shouldn't stop the planetary genocides being carried out by the Mandalorians. Just because of spooky Force reasons.
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crazy canuck

We get the backstory in this episode.  The Jedi are reckless, undisciplined and most surprising, dishonest.

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