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Crusader Kings III

Started by Syt, October 19, 2019, 04:02:55 AM

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Quote from: garbon on March 17, 2023, 06:30:28 AMCK3 had promise but it looks they are squandering it for no apparent reason.

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One Proud Bavarian drools all over the latest dev diary:

I do like that they are embarking on a rebalancing of actual game mechanics.


Not watching the video, but the dev diary sounds reasonably promising to me.


Looks promising. I'm cautious about the building rework. While I think it's a good direction, I also think it will eventually create a new meta, which provinces to take for best bonuses etc.

The vassal attitudes look nice, though I wish they were a bit more granular. And it depends on how much they really matter in the big picture. If you stack bonuses etc. you can currently reach a point where your vassal personas matter little, because they're either too afraid of you (building dread), or because they're awed by your splendor.

I like the ability to get rid of artifacts, though, and I like that they tie it into the iconoclast tenets.

Still, I think that tying characters to their locations and make those matter more is still the biggest change, and if anything I worry they don't go far enough. If I go to war - can I take my wife with me (at risk of her being killed/captured) if I'm desperate to conceive a heir? They mentioned it will not affect schemes, though I hope it will matter for romance schemes at least - it's ridiculous that I can romance characters in Constantinople, London and Stockholm in the same week. :P
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Not sure how they came up with six vassal stances, seems few, but overall the concept looks promising.

The other mechanics updates also look good, although you will quickly run out of building slots in early starts with both domain and slots limited at first. I rarely play long games, so late game variety is less important for me.