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Covid-19 lockdown check-in

Started by Barrister, March 24, 2020, 04:57:44 PM

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How is your employment been affected by Covid-19

I'm "essential" - I still have to go to work
18 (22%)
I'm working remotely from home
49 (59.8%)
I've been laid off
9 (11%)
I wasn't employed to begin with
6 (7.3%)

Total Members Voted: 82


Well, this time, I got it.

Thank got it's that small time variant you don't feel.  Jesus, what a fever.  I'd swear it was -45C outdoor.
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If Microsoft Excel decided to stop working overnight, the world would practically end.

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Quote from: celedhring on May 14, 2022, 04:27:29 AMStarted feeling like shit yesterday; sore throat, runny nose, dizziness and general malaise. But I've done two lateral flows, yesterday and today, and they both came out negative.

It's really weird to catch a nasty cold this time of the year, but gonna trust the Chinese manufacturers of these tests...

Not that weird anymore with mismanaged A/C.


I was in Montreal for the July long weekend and I got COVID there. I blame GF.                           
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It's fair. My SO & children all got it & I am still resistant.

I am: mutant.
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Well I've cancelled my travel plans, not worth risking getting a 'nasty flu-like' illness and infecting other more vulnerable family.
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