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Path of Exile - upcoming F2P Daiablo clone

Started by Syt, September 08, 2011, 12:53:54 AM

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Been spending a fair amount on the new Necropolis league with a life leech cyclone build. They're rejiggled the end game - again. :D You still have the atlas skill trees, but you unlock up to three that you can switch between, so less having to respecc it all the time depending on what content you want.

Also, when did they go back to have maps in set levels instead of having to "level up maps"? Or is it a mix now? I'm still in yellow maps, keeping it to a few maps at night to wind down before bed, so not making super fast progress :P

Scarabs are a lot more important and give all kinds of additional modifiers to map (what kind of content, plus additional mods to that content).

The new league is ... eh? Enemies in maps have modifiers attached to them that you can switch between them, e.g. if a modifier is attached to a mob where you think it's modding it to be too tough for your build or where you think you get better drops from other mobs. Additionally, you can get special drops that let you replace some mobs to get different loot or to nerf a hard mob (e.g. replacing them with rats or frogs). One of the sillier mnodifiers is to have each pack of one type of mob be accompanied by a random (nerfed) map boss It's dumb, and creating even more of a loot pinyata :D

As reward you mostly get "corpses" that you can bury in a Necropolis graveyard. Each one has crafting modifiers (500% increased chance for a fire modifier, 300% decreased chance for mana modifier, + 1 linked gemslot for up to 5, boosting/randomizing adjacent "corpses" etc. where you can try to craft gear.

And ... that's about it? It feels more like an additional end game crafting mechanic than a full fledged league, but I mjst say I don't hate it. Just compared to other leagues a lot less "flashy" or taking over the game with its mechanic, compared to, say, Sentinel, or Delirium.

I missed Affliction, Crucible, Sanctum and Ancestor leagues - I guess only Sanctum made it into the game permanently?
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