Brexit and the waning days of the United Kingdom

Started by Josquius, February 20, 2016, 07:46:34 AM

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How would you vote on Britain remaining in the EU?

British- Remain
12 (12%)
British - Leave
7 (7%)
Other European - Remain
21 (21%)
Other European - Leave
6 (6%)
ROTW - Remain
34 (34%)
ROTW - Leave
20 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 98


Poor Liz. She just wanted to be the best prime minister ever but the stupid queen unfairly had to go and die and her radical economic ideas had to be completely batty and unworkable.

Though not sure the why me about the queen even makes sense. Helps give her five minutes a bit of significance beyond just being shit and short.


Yeah I mean it extends her 44 days in office by at least the 14 days of national mourning when politics stopped.

But yeah does make you think of this cartoon from the coronation (which weirdly predicted the outfit she wore :lol:):
Let's bomb Russia!