Brexit and the waning days of the United Kingdom

Started by Josquius, February 20, 2016, 07:46:34 AM

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How would you vote on Britain remaining in the EU?

British- Remain
12 (12%)
British - Leave
7 (7%)
Other European - Remain
21 (21%)
Other European - Leave
6 (6%)
ROTW - Remain
34 (34%)
ROTW - Leave
20 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 98


Quote from: Josquius on Today at 02:51:17 PMWould my vote be valid if I did it in blood?

I guess so given the wank, not wank, vote of a few years ago.

Given I'm in one of the safest labour seats going I'm thinking to vote green incidentally. Send a tiny message on a few fronts.



Quote from: Tamas on Today at 02:43:21 PMAm I reading it right that Sunak is cancelling the last excuses they wanted to pass as work like the Rwanda bill, etc?
Well if you have an election Parliament is dissolved (I think tomorrow) and any legislation that isn't completely passed, fails. Given this there's a thing called the "wash-up process" that allows some bills (including non government bills) that have passed almost all legislative stages to be basically expedited to being passed before the dissolution.

But it requires the cooperation of the opposition - so they basically have a total veto. If they're totally opposed a bill will fail entirely, alternately it might get basically passed if they're more or less okay with it, or the government might drastically shorten it to only inoffensive bits.

So far the bills that have made it are on victims and prisoners, media, digital regulation, Post Office compensation scheme and the budget - the data protection reform might make it. Everything else is gone.
Let's bomb Russia!


My feeling is that pencils for voting are perfectly safe because the process of voting, observing, and counting has enough transparency and scrutiny that "fucking with individual vote marks" is a non-issue.

For it to be an issue, the process itself (and the volunteers involved) would have to be massively compromised and subverted... to a degree that the challenge for anyone fucking with the votes would not have to do with the challenge of erasing pencil marks.