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Started by Korea, March 10, 2009, 06:24:26 AM

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Admiral Yi


Homey, you need to hang out with more posh people.


Sheilbh had the voice of an angel :wub: and I sometimes forget not all our Brit posters sound like him.
Being lazy is bad; unless you still get what you want, then it's called "patience".
Hubris must be punished. Severely.

Grey Fox

Quote from: Josquius on Today at 01:37:25 AMMy boy has gotten a new book. Very posh and old timey one called hide and seek pig. On each page there's a rhyme, a flap, and an animal is found.
Usually they rhyme.
Seek, beak. Sheet, feet. So on.

On one page however they go with here and ear. :blink:
Does that rhyme to anyone?

Ask your wife. 😆

It's the same sound twice. No difference, none.
Colonel Caliga is Awesome.


Quote from: Syt on Today at 02:02:06 AMProbably more of a "Geordie accent" question? :P
Still fighting the good fight against the great vowel shift :lol:
Let's bomb Russia!